This is the old website for Station to Station, a project in which I took a photo within a square block of each of New York City's subway stations. It began when I realized that despite living in the city for seven years, I'd been to barely a quarter of the subway stops. I decided to make a portrait of the city, one station at a time.

Each photo was made within a square block of one of the station's entrances or exits, generally less than two minutes' walk away. No photo could include the subway station itself. (Elevated outdoor tracks were fair game, though.) All photos were made with a medium-format camera on negative film and printed in a color darkroom.

This project was mostly done between 2002 and 2004 and is now finished, though I'm still getting around to scanning the negatives. As of May 2010, I've started a blog that will eventually add photos from the series until it's all up — go visit it for frequent updates!

The images below are smaller scans that were made a few years ago.

Rockaway Ave. station, Brooklyn (3)

East Tremont Ave. station, the Bronx (2)

St. George station, Staten Island (SIR)

First Avenue station, Manhattan (L)

167th Street station, the Bronx (4)

Rector St. station, Manhattan (1, 9)

Howard Beach/JFK station, Queens (A)

135th St. station, Manhattan (2)

Dongan Hills station, Staten Island (SIR)

103rd Street station, Manhattan (1, 9)

Franklin Ave./Botanic Garden station, Brooklyn (2, 3, 4, 5, S)

Metropolitan Ave./Lorimer St. station, Brooklyn (G, L)

Beach 36th St. station, Queens (A)

Rector St. station, Manhattan (N)

Rockaway Blvd. station, Queens (A)

Lexington Ave.-53rd St./51st St. station, Manhattan (E, V, 6)

Saratoga Ave. station, Brooklyn (3)

Gun Hill Road station, the Bronx (5)

Avenue X station, Brooklyn (F)

104th St. station, Queens (J)

79th St. station, Brooklyn (M, W)

231st St. station, the Bronx (1)

Elmhurst Ave. station, Queens (G, R, V)

Broadway Junction/Eastern Parkway station, Brooklyn (J, L, Z)

Jamaica Center/Parsons/Archer station, Queens (E, J, Z)

Canarsie/Rockaway Parkway station, Brooklyn (L)

111st St. station, Queens (J)

36th Ave. station, Queens (N, W)

Franklin Ave. station, Brooklyn (C)

New Dorp station, Staten Island (SIR)

Kew Gardens/Union Turnpike station, Queens (F)

Old Town station, Staten Island (SIR)

46th Ave. station, Queens (R)

Neck Road station, Brooklyn (Q)

Roosevelt Island station, Manhattan (F)

Park Place station, Brooklyn (S)

West 8th St./New York Aquarium station, Brooklyn (F, Q)

Buhre Ave. station, the Bronx (6)

223rd St. station, the Bronx (2)

Morgan Ave. station, Brooklyn (L)

Junction Blvd. station, Queens (7)

Halsey St. station, Brooklyn (L)

Grand St. station, Manhattan (S)

Coney Island/Stillwell Ave. station, Brooklyn (F, Q, W)

Vernon Blvd./Jackson Ave. station, Queens (7)

Avenue U station, Brooklyn (F)

21st St. station, Queens (G)

9th Ave. station, Brooklyn (M, W)

225th St. station, the Bronx (2, 5)

West 4th St. station, Manhattan (A, C, E, F, S)

Jamaica/179th St. station, Queens (F)

Middleton Road station, the Bronx (6)

Bowling Green station, Manhattan (4, 5)

Pacific St. station, Brooklyn (M, N, R, W)

181st St. station, Manhattan (A)

Forest Hills/71st Ave. station, Queens (E, F, G, R)

Dyckman St. station, Manhattan (A)

Lawrence St. station, Brooklyn (M, N, R)

Union Square station, Manhattan (L, N, Q, R, W, 4, 5, 6)

30th Ave. station, Queens (N, W)

Broadway station, Brooklyn (G)

2nd Ave. station, Manhattan (F, V)

Astoria/Ditmars Blvd. station, Queens (N, W)

Jefferson St. station, Brooklyn (L)

Sutphin Blvd. station, Queens (F)

Forest Ave. station, Queens (M)

40th St. station, Queens (7)

Fulton St./Broadway station, Manhattan (A, C, J, M, Z, 1, 2, 4, 5)

Middle Village/Metropolitan Ave. station, Queens (M)

Avenue N station, Brooklyn (F)

Lafayette Ave. station, Brooklyn (C)

Avenue H station, Brooklyn (Q)

161st St./Yankee Stadium station, the Bronx (B, D)

Myrtle Ave. station, Brooklyn (L)

125th St. station, Manhattan (A)

Kingston/Throop Aves. station, Brooklyn (C)

Beach 67th St. station, Queens (A)

Church St. station, Brooklyn (F)

86th St. station, Manhattan (4, 5, 6)

Avenue I station, Brooklyn (F)

Queensboro Plaza station, Queens (N, W, 7)

103rd St. station, Manhattan (6)

Flushing/Main St. station, Queens (7)

Avenue P station, Brooklyn (F)

Woodhaven Blvd. station, Queens (R, V, G)

Hunters Point Ave. station, Queens (7)

Myrtle-Willoughby Aves. station, Brooklyn (G)

Broad Channel station, Queens (A)

Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Ave., Queens (E, F, R, V, G)

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